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You meant to type pornhub but typed pronhub instead
Guy: Did you see what was on pronhub last night?
Guy 2: Nah man was it good?
by Flickdawristohhhh March 26, 2016
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You made a typo when looking up "pornhub" and you saw a link for urban dictionaryy and got curious and now you are reading this.
*le google search bar*
"pron hub" *enter* "hmmmm, what is this urban dictionary link?"

pronhub: a typo you made when looking for pornhub
by PussyFarts420 March 13, 2016
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Can be used to bypass parental filters on the computer to get that lovely 12 year old goodness, or can be used to seem less suspisious than if your history said "pornhub" 72 times.
12 year old: Oh man Pornhub is blocked! Oh wait, pronhub works! Score! I can't wait to brag about this to my friends!


Parent: Ah, I thought little billy had been searching for pornhub, but it turns out it was just pronhub. I'll give him his lotion and computer back now.
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by Clear my history when I die October 16, 2017
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