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this is something between two to five people in a group of friends or family who devise ideas to put their mis-placed lives on track. They do this by breaking down each idea they want to accomplish and adding rules and comments about the idea. They cleverly put the idea into clear 'phases' and take one on at a time to help complete the set out goal.

All together the group of friends help each other stay within realistic dreams and put it in writing in a book or note pad and store it somewhere safe where it is only for the members of the 'project book' clan to see and read. Changes and edits are allowed to take place and there is also a timing scale to help stay in the plan.

Usually between friends there is an about three ideas often more with tiny littles phases coming off each main idea.

Loosing weight, getting fit or in shape, toning up is very common.
followed by a 'how to get with guys'
and 'lets get our reputation up at school.

its a simple idea that becomes complex, yet fun and motivating.
a: im so over living life like this, being called a fattie, having bad rep at school and not having any boys. what can we do to help this?

e: easy! a project book!!! for the both of us, to find our goals make them realistic, list out steps to accomplish them, get together to update them and keep each other motivated!

a: sounds good, where do we start though?

e: we need a book. then we need to find out 'main ideas' and list the phases to put each one at reachable levels. Then we keep updates and edits and keep each other motiviated. its so simple

a: yeah. i can easily see how it can help get everything good and happy around the place again, im sure it will work.


e: see i told we we would be healthy, fit and slim, popular and loving social life and totally digging the guy attention from all round!

a: gotta love that project book!
by tee.vee May 18, 2009
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