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This is a variation on the game of American football, the game has the same rules as far as scoring but the little yellow flag does not exist, the ball is played by either a chunk of wood or rock or anything large and heavy. In this game you may bash,hit,strike,assault,smack,kick the shit out of, or any combination of the above with or without the ball. This game is a common Thanksgiving day activity in the redneck states.
I bashed the shit put of my bother-in-law today with the ball while we were playing prison ball
by Dead Man487 November 26, 2009
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A variation of dodgeball played with two mats, one on each side of the court, gym, etc. When players get out, they go to the mat (or prison) on the other side of the court. To get back in the game, they must catch a ball thrown from a teammate on the other side. The game continues until an entire team is in prison, making the opposing team the winner.
We lost the game of prisonball because we couldn't get anyone out of jail/prison.
by jmess May 14, 2006
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Prison ball means not have busted a nut in a long while causing the balls of a male to become sore. The feeling is similar to getting kicked in the nuts.
I have not seen my girlfriend in a while, so I have prison ball so i might have to jack off
by billyd April 06, 2005
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