A word to describe an object in Second Life that contains a large number of prims; the building blocks of objects in Second Life.

The word, "Prim" is already in the UD, definition #3 by Rusko. Other words already included in the UD are de-prim, de-primmed and de-primming. I feel this word also belongs to this set.
Those flowers are too primmy.
This house is too primmy for what my parcel will allow.

See also prim (definition #3), de-prim, de-primming and de-primmed.
by Poetia Benazzi December 8, 2010
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Short for anarcho-primitivist, a strange reactionary species of anarchist who is opposed to civilization and wants the human race to return to the glory days of throwing feces at each other. Other anarchists tend to loathe primmies and wonder what, if anything, they actually have in common with them.
"I'm an anarchist."
"What, you mean one of those people like Ted Kaczynski who thinks we need to go back to hunter-gatherer times?"
"No, that's a primmy. I'm just against all forms of hierarchy."
"Oh. That's confusing,"
by Catty McGee July 11, 2017
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A person who is overweight and suffers from the feeling of wanting to be thinner. A word used in psychology for people suffering this condition
The man was Primmy about his appearance
by The_right_way November 25, 2007
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