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a reminder that you will later be reminding someone about something; a reminder before the actual reminder
Just a preminder, I'm gonna ask you later for the rent check.
by 83n April 22, 2011
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That annoying visit from your boss to tell you to do something you were about to do. Usually punctuated by your own reminder message popping up on your screen moments after he's left leaving him feeling like you weren't going to do it and you feeling like you're being micro-managed.
Also applies when your girl tells you its her birthday/anniversary/valentines tomorrow when you've actually remembered for a change.
John: Dave came in to tell me to run that revenue report, I do it everyday at four, why would he think I need his preminder?

Doug: Its Sallys birthday next week, she just gave me a preminder even though I've already got her a gift.
by Fo0Led April 27, 2008
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