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a predaphile (pedophile + predator) is a type of person that engages in and greatly enjoys the following:
- long boarding

- lurking in the showers
- luring in prey
- picking up prey from bus stops
- residing in parkdale
- banging retardos
- playing ultimate gaybee
- minors
- threesomes
- smoking illicit substances
- drinking illicit substances
- serving illicit substances to minors
- winning henley LOL JK
- making national team LOL JK AGAIN
- timelines and hook up webs
- junior programme
- flirting with milfs
- general douchebaggery
careful man, the predaphile is lurking in the showers
by giddeon July 10, 2011
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Usually an older person around their fourties who enjoys hitting on and or making flirtacious and awkward comments to one who is far younger than them. Related to a cougar and a dirty old man. Except they are worse because they are terrible at hiding what they do and make it extremely obvious even to the person's significant other. They tend to be quite stupid as well.
A: "The barbie beezy at my boyfriends work was trying to hit on him while I was there! She's like in her fourties and completely plastic"

"EW what a predaphile!!"

"Yeah, no kidding. I wanted to punch her in the fake boob. I wonder if they'd pop!"

"They probably would..."

B: Predaphile-"so aren't you getting that tattoo soon"

Young man-"umm....why were you listening in on my conversation with my brother?"

Predaphile-"hahahaha oh you're so cute..."

Young man-"I have a girlfriend, you predaphile!"
by BlondeJay March 02, 2011
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A predaphile is a man who preys on young girls. Is a combonation of a predator and a pedophile. Often says dirty sexual things to girls too young for him. Usually desperate and frightening.
"He is such a predaphile, he won't stop texting me."

"That darn predaphile always likes everything she does on Facebook."
by Da Furb & Da Sten. September 01, 2009
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A sexual predator who picks up children for sex.
This guy Joey got on the internet and started to view children as prey and himself as a predator, he figured since he's a predator and a pedophile he might as well combine the two words and call himself a predaphile.
by Perkoff March 28, 2007
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