As it is virtually impossible to express into words the sound of a cum shot, this is the chosen way it is written as.

Obviously, it refers to an exclamation of delight without the strenuous activity of actually achieching an orgasm.

Hand gestures are optional.
Gayshall: I just made 20 grand picking grapes, now i can hang out with the crazzzyyy guys pppppp!

Gayshall: We're off to the chinese disco pppppp

Gayshall: New ffaf album and tour ppppp!

Gayshall: My hair is green, ppppp
by Beester May 15, 2009
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This mean period, something that is equivalent to hell.
Person 1: Omg I hate stomach cramps.
Person 2: PPPPP
by Guili.Memes June 2, 2017
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