A spell only used by the far superior in the game Roblox, and the anime, Naruto. These items are far superior to anything you've seen in your life, as they can summon the strong pp.
xXRobloxMasterCoolXx: ## ######## (pp extendus)
Cool Kid: Did you just say, p p e x t e n d u s?
xXRobloxMasterCool: Yes ahahahaha.
Cool Kid: You are now the level 100 boss
by Obviously Fake Name January 22, 2019
pp extendus is a meme originated from a game called Roblox its a image of the characters in the game with a yellow head and saying in the chat the word pp extendus as a joke from the games admin commands which are commands given to administrators of the game and can allow them fly and other things the joke is a spoof on the admin commands
yo im gonna make fun of the admin commands saying pp extendus
by G3n3r1c N1gg13t 123 September 17, 2018
A spell that can only be used by superior beings such as: Robloxians, Naruto and maybe even Thanos himself (no evidence). By saying these words you can summon the powerful pp. Not even Harry Potter can protect himself against this powerful spell. Many casualties have fallen because of the powerful pp, wich concist mostly of: vegans,furry's and people that are not subscribed to Pewdiepie.
Vegan: 'Meat is murder!'
c00l_RObl0xi4n69: 'You are correct for once, my child. This meat is indeed murder: PP EXTENDUS'
Vegan: fucking commits death-pacito
by MyMomHasTheBigGay March 9, 2019