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An online virtual pet site created by Liz and Tony (staff names - Sweetfire and TheMetal). It's geared towards all ages and is 100% free of advertisements. There is a 24/7 live staff monitored environment and Powerpets is COPPA compliant. All of the staff members are regularily found on the message boards communicating with members and participating in chats. Many of the adults playing the game are parents who were brought to the site by their children or found the website on their own and encouraged their children to join. It is a family atmosphere where people are encouraged, not discouraged.

The main focus of Powerpets is educating and caring for animals in an environment that is free of hostility and is safe for everyone. Scamming and hacking is taken very seriously and members who break major rules are removed from the site.

Members can choose to adopt a wide variety of pets, all of which are found in the real world. Education comes in the form of quests where short books are read in order to answer questions about animals.

For those who like to get involved, Powerpets offers a chance to submit your own stories to be published as an official PP book, create greeting cards or submit items that may be released for sale in one of the many shops. As a bonus, you receive commissions for book sales or a lump sum payment in powerbucks for any artwork used.

Powerpets also allows you to choose your own goals for the game. Most people follow some of the mainstream goals like achieving elite status, gathering the stones, purchasing land, creating a gallery or being in the Bureau of Statistics. Other people simply enjoy playing the games or chatting on the boards and making friends.
It doesn't matter if you are 6 or 60 years old, Powerpets is a great website to join!
by Crysanna April 10, 2005
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A game similar to Neopets, only it's RIGHT!
They support animal adoption, and adopting an animal is highly permanent. New users can make money very easily, and the community is small but respectable. The staff care about you, and you can submit your own books which you can actually read! The games are simple, and don't use any advertising like Neopets does. Neopets is a bad influence for younger children, and Powerpets needs to be more revered for teaching good morals and how to keep a pet.
Oh, and can I mention one more thing? Powerpet's pets are more deverse and are actual real-life animals. You can adopt a wolf, a tiger, an artic fox and they are actually called that. Disowning a pet is non extistant because you need to get them up to lvl 40 in armor and pay 70K just to get rid of them. Pets are more personal!
Ok, I'll admit that Neopets came first. But let's all face it- NEOPETS IS CORRUPT! They use corporate logos to get the children's love and adoration. Instead, play Powerpets and actually learn something rather than being a pawn of a monster like NP.
Neopets will never give a shit about you, your pet, or your wallet. Powerpets teaches morals and staff know you by name. Choose something productive- choose powerpets!
by Erin Wolf The Werewolf March 06, 2005
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A virtual pet site..
Very Addictive

Consumes all your time, energy and frequently asks you to "upgrade your account" i.e use money to play.

Entirely too stupid.

Frequently leads to job loss and/or the person losing interest in school i.e real life.

The best part is: They do not have a deactivate button so you are STUCK on that site forever.
unemployment bad grades waste time lose money powerpets
by Hue He February 18, 2013
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Its a morally conscious site, but only encourages sucking up. Once you hit elite status, you can 'Tag' posts that aren't fit for the sheltered player's eyes.

The only way you'll ever been anything on Powerpets is if you suck up to the staff and mods. They'll tag your boards and give you warnings before you even know what you did wrong, especially if you are new! And their art sucks. The animals don't even look like animals, just cheap cartoons.

The flash takes forever to load, too.
Newbie: 'Hey guys I'm new to Powerpets. How are you doin?'

*TAGGED by at least 5 players*

Newbie:'What did I do?'

Them:'You said the word /doin/. That's chatspeak. You're getting reported for that.'
by Lscha May 14, 2007
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