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the act of of aggressively masturbating, especially while drunk, in order to achieve orgasm when your reproductive system is still in a refractory period or just unable to climax under normal jacking methods
last night i blew through 4 lines of cocaine, and was powerjacking while playing russian roulette with a gun to my head. it was a rush
by BONESAWisREADY May 03, 2012
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to mark out boundaries of dichotomy between tangible and intangible, and repurposing leaderships power to align with objectives in solving problems.
He powerjacking the sales team to sell his products to existing customers.
by Angelababy HK October 26, 2015
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noun / verb

to "hijack" or "hack" and repurposing power authority to align with objectives

-jack: According to The Writer, the world's largest language consultancy firm, "'-jack' is the '-hack'of 2015 and has now become a respectable business metaphor," says The Writer's Neil Taylor, who's the managing partner there, adding, "We think the suffix '-jack' will make the same leap into the mainstream in 2015." He said has already noticed the suffix, used like the word "hijack", creep into business lingo (newsjacking, trendjacking, clickjacking).
He powerjacking the office bully in order to resolve the conflict effectively and efficiently. office politics organizational politics conflicts resolution
by Angelababy HK October 25, 2015
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