Speedy, cathartic yet bouncy garage punk generally played by non-skaters.
Oh man, the new Uranium Club is such a good post-skate album!!
Dude, Vintage Crop are post-skate heros.
by stillinrock April 14, 2020
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Type of punk music inspired by The Homosexuals and Protex which is kind of nervous, cathartic and fairly minimalist. Post-skate bands have the attitude without the object, they have the punk without being skate-punk, they have a vintage style without the vans.
Dude, did you listen to these new post-skate bands? Thigh Master, Dumb, Aborted Tortoise and The Shifters are so rad!
by stillinrock July 8, 2018
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Speedy garage punk with nervous yet friendly voice (nothing like angry punks), a simplistic and very tight rhythm, a cathartic sound, almost chopped, anti-corporation lyrics, a mid-fi production (not too lo-fi) and bouncy melodies with a vehement tendency.
Oh man, the new Aborted Tortoise is such a good post-skate album.
Oh man, post-skaters are so much better than punks.
by stillinrock March 25, 2020
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