a heightened state of self-awareness where there is no trying, just being. An ego-less cool.
"That event was post cool. Nobody was trying to impress, yet everyone was highest vibe, and was impressive af."
by jscult May 19, 2018
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An elevated, effortless and ego-less version of cool. Not trying, just a state of being. See also flow consciousness.
Maor is post cool. Life just flows through him.
by jscult May 5, 2018
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You realise you are not and have never been cool.
Which instantly elevates you to a state of such cool, it is beyond cool.
You are no longer even aware of other people's cool.
You are post cool.
You're not cool like a lot of people Ricky, you don't even try, you just do, youre post cool.
by sneaksby December 8, 2020
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when a once great band that's been around for many years starts putting out poor quality music that is greatly inferior to their earlier material, this is sometimes but not always accompanied by changes in the band's line-up
During their post cool period Van Halen replaced David Lee Roth with Sammy Hagar.
by Michael_Hunt July 12, 2009
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