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Teenager who claims to be an anarchist because he/she is under the false impression that anyone who never stops bitching about the government is an anarchist, and more intelligent, and that everyone else is blinded by propaganda. They wil constantly remind you of this, and will refer to themselves as anarchists on a minutley basis.

By their logic, we have all been anarchists, just for one day.... oh shit I'm talking David Bowie

Usually, they are quite intelligent, but some sort of loner.
Surburban kids bitching about capitalism and not having a fucking clue what they're on about and saying they are an anarchist?= poser anarchist
by Gumba Gumba February 28, 2004
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someone who doesnt know what anarchism is and always is saiyng that he/she is an anarchist.
veronica<<<<< she who claims that she is an anarchist.even tho she has no idea what it is.she just says she is one becuz of what other ppl say.
by anonymous July 20, 2004
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a blind teenager, someone who submits to the system they are supposed to be standing up against...someone who gets into fights at school because they think they're making a difference. a person that doesn't stand up for peace but is inturn fighting against it. They think that just because they believe in anarchy they have to hate God.
poser anarchist:
go to and you will see what i'm talking about
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Someone, normally suburban middle-class teenagers or students, who thinks anarchism is a good idea because its 'anti-capitalist'. If these kids knew a damn thing about capitalism they'd know what laissez-faire was and that the idea of a society which completely depends on survival of the fittest and most intelligent and with no boundaries to their actions (bad aswell as good) would be pure-capitalism.
Any anarchist who isn't also a nihlist is a poser anarchist.
by Leslie Andrew January 02, 2007
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