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You meant to type in pornhub on google but you made a typo and typed porbhub instead. You then saw the urban dictionary page which made you curious so you clicked on it. Now you are reading this.
by Vhanyr January 06, 2014
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When you want to search for pornhub but instead type a b
โ€œOk boutโ€™ to go jack off just need to go to PH. damnit
by Bencil October 28, 2018
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when you mean to type pornhub on google and accidently type porBhub and you seen the urban dictionary and now youโ€™re reading this :))))
john- adam go on pornhub!! i seen mia khalifa stealing a fans virginity
adam- ok.

(typing pornhub)
adam- types porbhub. ah damnnnn. now iโ€™m reading this urban dictionary about what โ€œporbhubโ€ is
by xxxducxsxxx November 15, 2018
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