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A rare phenomenon of babylonian proportions in which hugemongous waves of people are drawn toward an epicenter known as Pope. The effects of a popesunami can be felt around even the most continental countries and to the uttermost depths of the cities. A popesunami can last for several days and affect the lives of millions of people.
Reporter: Can you tell us what happened to you during the recent popesunami?
Man: I was leaving my house with my wife and son when this huge wave of people coming out of nowhere dragged us down the street. I must have gone as far away as five blocks before I was able to grab an energy pole and get myself out of it.
Reporter: What about your family?
Man: I thought I would never find them... until I saw them on the news, stranded on the top of a sandwich truck!
Reporter: And how did they come back to you?
Man: They were rescued by a team of firefighters specializing in popesunami.
Reporter: Are they okay now?
Man: They will need some time to recover from all those pope t-shirts and papal flags.
by spz! July 25, 2013
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