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An act of vandalism which requires two cooperating parties: the defecator and the ejaculator. The first party (defecator) must drop a deuce onto the victim or one of the victim's belongings. Immediately after the deuce has been dropped, the ejaculator must skeet on top of the load. With good form, the poopskeet will represent the duality of all things in nature; light and dark, good and evil, poop and skeet.
John and I poopskeeted all over that asshole's car yesterday. Taught him a lesson.
by steph4n June 23, 2008
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An act involving two playersin which the defecator, releases with great fury a freshly brewed batch of butt brownies upon a surface(usually the hood of a car). It is at this point in which the ejaculator explosively unloads his cock cannon subsequently causing a downpour of man juice onto the adjacent excrement. If the act has been preformed correctly a poopskeet will have been formed.
"Dude what the fuck is wrong with you, poopskeeting, really. Thats fucking gross."

"Sally's face totally got poopskeeted on last night.
by Grantasia July 10, 2008
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