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When the need to poop becomes so bad that you are about to crap your pants.
As he began to experience his poopmergency, a wave of cold sweat and shear panic set over him.
by imlinn April 27, 2009
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1. When a child who is not yet potty trained has feces erupting from his or her diaper unexpectedly- whether removed by the child or simply by gravity or other pressures upon the diaper or containment unit.

2. Any activity or instance that involves large quantities of infant, toddler, or child fecal matter on any surface or body part, or other person and or animal in an other than ideal situation or circumstance. Usually one or more persons and multiple surfaces become contaminated in an actual poopmergency
We were on the highway at night when Graeme had a serious poopmergency. He had a blowout in the car seat and was covered in shit from his nipples to his knees. By the end of it, there was poo in my hair, on both our clothes, on the blanket, on the floor of the van, as well as the seat.
by amomsoiknow November 25, 2012
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