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One whose goal is to con money out of others by using a combination of deception, talent, and straight coercion, combined with the game of billiards, to take advantage of susceptible players.
Mac had been pool sharking for only two days, and he already had enough cash to buy that new Rolex.
by Majuju July 09, 2003
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The best pool playa. Person who shoots pool so well that they rule the table for hours on end. Uses defense, mad english, doesn't talk shit, and grabs the ball for opponent when she scratches. And always shakes the persons hand and thanks them for a great game when they kick your ass.
Here comes the pool shark!
by Emily Baker May 17, 2005
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1. a person who plays a really good game of pool
2. a band from Southern Ontario.
3. a song by the band Sublime
1. man that guy is a pool shark!
2. have you heard the new poolshark song?
3. "lying in my plastic bed, thinking how things weren't so cool to me"
by nickissoawesome November 20, 2006
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someone who can frequently be found at local swimming pools in order to interact with younger members of the same or opposite sex.
Mr. Duffy has been near the kiddie pool for over an hour! He's becoming a regular poolshark.

by Beau J. Brennan August 15, 2006
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Someone who spreads AIDS (HIV) in multiple places, such as night clubs, swimming pools, parks and the like. A poolshark is attracted to males, generally children. Dogs and horses are common subjects too.
Mother: My cat has been violated by a creature attracted to children and animals!

Police officer: Indeed. This is definately a poolshark on the loose.
by babab007@nimehsquirts October 26, 2010
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When banging a chick from leans forward, grabs a fistful of hair with one hand and with the free hand balled into a fist with thumb projecting,proceeds to jamb the thumb in her ass in a forward stroking motion... mimicking a pool shot.
She was digging the doggy style until I brought out the pool shark. Dude, she was pissed.
by Slunkd April 20, 2008
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