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A cubicle (or desk) that is close enough to a bathroom where you can smell the stank from someone having just gone number 2.
Matt: "Hey where is the new guy gonna be sitting?'
Jim: "Right next to the bathroom in the poo cube area."
Matt: "Shitty for the new guy"
Jim: "Yeah I feel sorry for him after Randy's morning Growler"
by phizzledizzle May 20, 2011
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a poocube is a mole that belongs to the arm of the sloph aka tozzer.
dan says " toby put a long sleeve top on cus ur 'datty grubby shitty piece of mud war' poocube is scannin me.

toby says " fuck off its just a mole "

dan says" purt a cast on it dawg cs its guna eat my eye out"

toby says" leave me alone js imagine it as a magical mud mountain.

dan says " did u get ur wrist stuck in the toilet "

toby says" grrr!"
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