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this school is probably the best school in the world. it is very difficult to get into, and admissions are largely based on the interview and whether they thing you are awesome or not. everyone in this school is amazing. they are so smart, and about 73% of them end up going to ivy league schools. They are also all pretty, nice, sexy, popular, and if you are friends with someone from poly prep, its a very large achievement. they are some of the best people around. basically, they are perfect.
OMG! Is that a Poly Prep girl!? I hung out with her once. She is so cool!!
by Little Ms. Awesome July 13, 2009
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An expensive school that makes everyone who doesn't attend the school seem like it's the best school ever, but is actually filled with the most retarded kids you'll ever meet.
Jessica: Wow, I wanna go to Poly Prep for high school! It's for really smart kids!
*attends poly prep*
*Three weeks later*
Jessica: Damn these kids are really... interesting.
*turns into Poly kids*
*loses all friends outside of Poly for becoming a typical retarded student at Poly Prep*
by Somebody who you don't know October 23, 2018
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is a private school and a member of the ivy prepatory leauge located in bay ridge in Brooklyn. in the city it is considered a school for slackers who didnt get in anywhere or for kids who got kicked out of their previous schools.

Poly is so lame, no kids party and kids at Horace Mann and Riverdale dont bother to asscoiate themselves with kids from Poly. It has lots of kids from Staten Island and Brooklyn who act like animals and give the school a bad reputation.
At a party:
Horace Mann kid: what school do you go to
Poly kid from the city: poly prep
Horace Mann kid: where's that
Poly kid: in brooklyn
Horace Mann kid: oh yea isnt that school for delinquents and kids who didnt get in anywhere?

poly kid walks away
by acoholic November 19, 2011
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