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Often pronounced with a parrot squawk at the end (rahahk)

Also known as a triple-P

A political-polly-parrot is a person who:
1. Espouses the same right-wing talking points on any media available.
2. Gets all of his or her opinions from right wing media–mostly television and radio.

Both types of triple-P’s repeat the same whole phrases.
For example, on health care every triple-P was crying:

“Don’t cram this bill down our throats.”

“We have to start over.”

Reconciliation is a sleazy trick.”

“...Death panels...”

“...a plot to kill grandma ...”

“...27-hundred page bill...”
Sue: The political-polly-parrots-rahahk have done every dirty trick in the book to tarantino health care; now they are whining about ordinary House and Senate rules.

Bill: Yeah, all they did on health care when they had total control of everything is to pass an unfunded medicare drug benefit with a donut hole big enough to swallow up both grandma and grandpa!
by thistlebottom December 23, 2010
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