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Usually only seen in the United States, because they have such a broken democracy system. If you can even call it that. During the primary debates between multiple candidates, or more commonly the presidential debates between the two candidates. Each candidate will have a deck of cards sitting underneath a compartment of their podium. When the debate begins each candidate draws 5 cards. During the debate when another candidate is asked a question the opposing candidate will draw 1 card from their deck. They can then play the card during their Main Phase 1 when one of the opposing candidates is halfway through finishing their sentence. The cards include but are not limited to, the race card, the gender card, the deleted emails card, the wall card, the climate change card, and even the newly released Twilight Sparkle card which was played to defend Melania Trump's speech during the RNC. The rules of this game change daily but one thing is certain. Yu-gi-oh is better than this bullshit.
Reporter: Hiliary what is your opinion on gay marriage?
*Donald Trump draws 1 card*
Hiliary Clinton: Well I think---
Trump: I activate the deleted emails card! Where are those emails Hiliary?
Hiliary: I counter by activating the race card! What do you have to say about all your insults you bigot?
Trump: I activate the wall card blocking your race card!
Hiliary: argh!
Trump: This duel is over! On my next turn I will depleted you LP to zero!
Hiliary *gasp*
Reporter: What are they doing?
Reporter 2: It's a political card war.
Reporter: But they still didn't answer my question. This isn't a debate it's a pissing contest!
by TheWhiteBowser July 27, 2016
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