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Police informants are bitches or "snitch bitches." They are mostly previously caught wannabe drug dealers that turn rat when facing criminal charges. If executed correctly, they could get a police paycheck for their efforts. They don't want to face criminal charges or go to jail so they live a life of shame. Even though they act as friends, they're just faking it to get information from you that leads to an arrest. They could never be trusted. They are desperate to make new drug-dealer friends to promptly turn them over to the proper authorities. When extremely desperate, they could even turn over their best of friends just to report a new bust. They are very dangerous. Buying drugs from police informants count as a drug bust to local police enforcement. Even more so, they are encouraged by the police to sell drugs to younger kids and destroy their lives even if they had no previous criminal history. Hence the "Fuck the police," "Snitches get stitches" and "Snitches end up in ditches" expressions. To clarify the latter, police informants usually get murdered for treason or raped in jail if placed in the general population rather than protective custody. This phenomenon in the "war on drugs" could be explained as "easy busts" for local law enforcement. Wannabe drug dealers are being arrested as an easy bust to justify the local police enforcment's anual federal budget aids for criminal investigations that lead to the arrest and conviction of high-profile drug dealers.
Ex. Man, these police informants are all over the place, let's get the fuck out of here.

Ex. He used to be my friend but now he's working with other police informants and I don't talk to cops.
by G-SLAP M.D. / Rx October 08, 2015
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