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A mildly derogatory term used by Australians and Kiwis to refer to the English people. The term originates from the abbreviation "PoHM", which stood for "Prisoner of Her Majesty" and was used to describe the convicts shipped from Britain and Ireland to Australia in the 18th and 19th centuries. The term was turned on its head, and is used in reference to the fact that the English are still, in the 21st century, stuck in Britain, while the Australians are now free from the British Government, living in independent Australia.

It's pronounced like "pom".
We're definitely gonna beat the Pohms at cricket!
by backpacker_x2 March 22, 2011
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The correct way to say Pom or pomme or pommy...both of which the Australians use to describe english people. Which is entirely inaccurate in itself because POHm means prisoner of her majesty and we all know that originally the aussies were the convicts britain didnt want any more. So its rather an ironic word for them to use...pohm is what we should be calling them, but we are far too cultured for that so they may remain those aussie bastards :D

Just kidding guys :)
Australian : We just kicked those pohm arses at cricket
Englishman : Bugger off
by Gaz September 04, 2005
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The examples quotes are incorrect, as they are examples of acronyms which did not come into existence until the 20th Century. 'POMs' are called so because the pale skinned English convicts transported to Australia were so unused to the harsh sunlight that their skin went as red as a pomengranate.
Example? 'Look at that bloody pohm, he's spent too long in the sun'
by AndyNonymous January 17, 2013
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