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The word 'poepenholler' is the dutch-german slang for Anus, butthole and sphincter.
'poep' derrived from 'ass'
'-en-' is the connector
and 'holler' comes from the english-german slang for hole

'poepenholler' has it's origin in Dutch-Belgium

it can replace "butthole" or "anus-hole" in any sentence.
I don't want to get raped in the poepenholler.

Oh no, the doctor is performing poepenholler checks.

At the airport they check every poepenholler coming in from Cambodja.
by languagebot October 01, 2014
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A word Davey has invented to be a funny thing, actually doesn't exist but still sounds funny as hell. This word is used as a synonym for the entry of the anus, also known as asshole.
1. Haha, I see shit coming out of your "poepenholler".
2. Yesterday, I f***ed your little sister in the "poepenholler".
by AJ Benza October 07, 2014
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