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a hybrid fruit that is a mix between a plum and an apricot
Carrie and Steph were sitting in AP Stats when Carrie offered Steph a pluot. Steph graciously accepted, resulting in the thorough enjoyment of the pluot.
by Carrie and Steph February 22, 2006
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Only the best fruit in the world! a mix between an apricot and a plum.
Cait: Damn! i love myself some Pluots!
by Rawrasuraus February 14, 2010
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You know how Pluto was a planet one day and not the next? If you've ever been in a situation where one minute you had something, and the next you didn't, then you are a Pluot.
One minute you're in school, the next you're kicked out.
One minute you're living comfortably, the next you're evicted.

The victims of the above, are Pluots.
by SpinachIsAFoodGroup September 27, 2010
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