An informal word often used to mean a hoe with a sexy body but every boy has fucked her
I cant date Cosima she is so plein
by Pablohunchies April 5, 2018
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French Expression, which means you're sick of something.
Literally, it means "have your ass full".
It's like when something is really annoying you ...
For example, if you're with your homie and you guys are talking about a girl you'd like to have a erotical partnership with:
Sacha: "Comment ça se passe avec cette fille ?" ( how is it going with this girl)
You:"J'en ais plein le cul"
Sacha:" Il a l'air d'En avoir plein le cul "( It seems like he's really annoyed)
by Zeitoun June 22, 2009
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