Reporting to work with a serious hangover from partying the night before.
Last night was a rough one on Radio; he'll be playing hurt at the office today.
by Fratrick September 13, 2006
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getting injured while engaging in sexual intercourse, i.e. a hamstring pull, but instead of calling it quits due to injury, you continue to have great sex until it's over and everyone is satisfied.
Mary: Wow, that was some amazing sex.
Dave: Yes, I know...and I was playing hurt!

by The Man 24 March 19, 2006
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Hood slang for "I fisted my brother so hard I hurt my elbow."
"Dang dude! You good? Your elbow looks fucked!"

"Nah dude, it's all good. I just got hurt playing football."

"Aw shit, man. That'll do it."
by Slabbadabbadingdong September 3, 2018
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