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People who try to be emo or goth etc and think being wiccan or pagan will add to this image. Playgans tend to believe that wicca and pagan religions are about casting spells, black magic, and sometimes devil worship, when really the religion is nothing close. Playgans are posers and almost always don't even know what wicca and pagan religion truly is about.
That goth chick just tried to hex me. What a playgan.
by insane247 April 03, 2012
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A person who affects a psuedo-gothic pose, struts around with a stack of Silver Ravenwolf books under each arm and professes to be Pagan, Wiccan or a Witch for entertainment or shock value...while the REAL Pagans and Wiccans are cringing in embarassment or laughing their asses off. Also known as a "Buffy" or "Fluff-bunny". Formerly known as New Agers.
The assorted "pagan-flavor-of-the-week" on sitcoms, or anyone caught dead with a copy of "Teen Witch"
by Crescent October 09, 2003
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Playgans refers to those that are playing at being pagan.
They are the fake pagans who, when conforming to the stereotype dress in all gothic clothing, wear a mass amount of occult jewellery and think they are mocked because they are misunderstood, when in fact they are mocked because they deserve it.

They make the rest of the pagan world look like a freak show. Also see the definition of Playgan

“Playgans” is also the name of a series of online rants composed by the writer known as “Deladreing” or “Dela. The rants are both educational and funny, well worth a read if you can find them.
1. Have you read the latest playgan book by Silver Ravenwolf?

2. "Playgans" is one amazing read.
by Imie May 29, 2006
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