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an amazing game. pussy ass fortnite players call it trash when hey never played it before.(if they have it’s usually only on xbox)
person 1: you wanna play Player Unknown's Battlegrounds

person 2: fuck yeah
by pubg4lufeNate May 06, 2018
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The flagship of battle royal games, took the world by storm when it first came out in early access. Gameplay consists of finding weapons and trying to kill other players. The game is a shitty mess, consisting of inconceivably horrible melee, shitty controls, shitty hitrec, literally millions of cheaters, ping abusers, and all the other scum of the gamer world. Brendon "player Unknown" greene made half a billion off of this steaming pile of shit and abandoned it in the early access phase, only implementing loot boxes (surprise!) before moving it to version 1.0
Dude: hey guy, want to go play Player Unknown's Battlegrounds?

Guy: fuck that shit, ill play fortnite, at least its a complete game
by Brendangreeneisachump May 31, 2018
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Player Unknown's Battlegrounds is a Battle Royale game made by Tencent games. It is playable on PC, Mobile, and Xbox One. Often known as PUBG.
Aye dude wanna play some Player Unknown's Battlegrounds?
by jak3m3ns May 24, 2018
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