a friendship which is usually stronger than most; if you were to date, there would be no difference in how you act around one another, except for an addition of possible kissing and similar actions; it's similar to dating without the title or actual sexual actions; the emotional part of dating is there, but that's it
A: why do you and C always text each other goodnight in such a sappy way?

B: we're platonically dating
A: you're what? platonic dating?
B: we're just friends but we as well be together without the actually kissing
A: oh cool
by Ezria Freak March 7, 2017
When two people mutually trust eachother on a very high level, more than a simple relationship. The only difference between this and romantic dating is a lack of sexual and physical desire in a partnership. The two people often do actions that are borderline couple-y, but are lacking an actual romantic attraction. Although technically, you are "just friends", both of you know it's more than that- hence platonic dating. It's a relationship without the benefits (being sex).

Often times, people ask when you'll be a couple/if you're a couple/why you're not a couple.

Things that you won't tell or let another person do? You'll find yourself telling this person, or doing them with them.

Sometimes, one, or both, of the people in the relationship will question if they're actually in love with the other. And they may be, but there's something holding them back. And that's that they know that they are better off platonic, and work well this way.

Pet names such as "babe", "baby", "honey", "love", "sweetheart", etc. are common amongst you two.

However, these sorts of relationships have to come to an end, with a usually unofficial "breakup". This typically happens after one person finds themselves actually dating someone (in a romantic or sexual manner). If the breakup does not occur.... Then odds are, that person and their other partner will not last long.

A super strong friendship that makes people question if you two are romantically involved.
A: "good morning, babe."
B: "hey love, do you want to go out and get lunch later?"
A: "yeah sure!"
C: "are you two dating?"
B: "we're platonically dating? does that count?"
C: "so you're like friends with benefits?"
A: "eh, more like dating without the benefits lol"
by TunaMR-S66 March 15, 2017
When two people mutually love each other but do not have sexual attraction involved. Usually these people trust each other on a very high level.

No this is not "Friends with benefits" or "friendship". Platonic dating is something with more trust and respect then friendship has.
Platonic Dating just doesn't involve sexual actions towards another quite like a kindergarden relationship.
The difference between regular dating (as in romantic dating) and platonic dating is a lack of sexual or physical attraction.
Depending on the people in the relationship, the relationship could be very cuddly and couply or the relationship could look like normal friendship.

Most Platonic relationships come to an end when one of the partners finds someone who they actually feel sexual attraction to.

This can differ depending on the people in the relationship, for example if one (or both) is a aromantic, or polyromantic the relationship could last.
A: "Goodmorning sweetie!"
B: "Hello Babe."

C: "Are you two dating?"
B: "Platonically dating!"
C: "Oh that's so cute!"

A: "Hey i like you, but not in a romantic way, i just trust you alot and i feel like being in a relationship with you would be really nice."
B: "I'm aromantic but i trust you alot and wouldn't mind being in a relationship with you if its just platonic"
by Its_Queers_That_Save_Society November 7, 2017