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A girl who is fake i.e. wears lots of make-up and is a real fucking bitch who thinks shes the best and so popular. Usually dumb and 99% fake.
plastic spastic 1: hey babe

plastic spatic 2: hey hunni, omg i dont think im wearing enough fake tan and make-up im only wearing like 4 layers or make-up

plastic spastic 1: yeah babes, omg did i tell you that i fucked that guy the other day?

plastic spastic 2: omg yeah haha *flicks fake hair*
by lilly.x December 16, 2011
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A person who can't control their spending on credit cards, debit cards, store cards, or any other type of plastic.
Husband: Another credit card AND you've maxed out the four you already have?!

Wife: I can't help it!

Husband: You're just a plastic spastic.
by Eternal Requiem December 10, 2009
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