A word used to describe pizza by a dumb ass mass hole with a yin n yang tattoo
Guy - "hey guys come get some pizza"
Juice- "im from massachooshitzz i love pitzer"
by Purdy Juice October 10, 2017
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1. A community of hippies and stoners masquerading as a college.

2. A campus covered in bad graffiti art.

3. A place to make up useless majors, such as "Modernity," that no one can comprehend.
"You go to Pitzer College? Do you have any weed you can share?"

"I can tell you go to Pitzer. I saw your dreads."

"What do you mean, you're a sober Pitzer student?"

"I go to Pitzer to change the world, one roach at a time."
by Lydia Mendoza March 8, 2008
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