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What uncut men can do if they wake up with a piss boner and pinch the end of their foreskin closed when pissing. The foreskin expands and becomes a piss balloon.

Best done in the shower, or over someone you either really hate or who finds watersports fun, as releasing the skin causes a real explosion of piss.
I had the usual morning piss boner, so I made a piss balloon on the way to the shower.
by rugbyman September 04, 2005
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A balloon which someone (most likely to be male, and by chance happens to have a pack of party balloons at the time) may piss into at a festival or camping trip, like a waterbomb, if too drunk/tired/cold to leave the tent.
Just be careful not to pop it!
Guy A 'Uh-oh...'
Guy B 'what's up?'
Guy A 'My piss balloon has just exploded'
by paggywaggygumdrops May 05, 2019
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