adj. Pirate drunk is the condition whereas you are so drunk, that you see double. To compensate, you cover one eye (like a pirate's eye patch). Typically, you are so drunk that you do not have a problem talking to someone seated next to you with one hand over your eye.
Lisa, "Tom called me from the bar last night, and I couldn't understand a word he said. He was totally pirate drunk."

MD, "He was at the Cubs game that afternoon, so it's not a big surprise."
by chi_tom September 19, 2005
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wasted beyond belief (preferably on rum). in the final stages one's vocabulary is reduced to arrrrrgggggg!
After her 10th keg stand Kelli was pirate drunk. then she tried to hook up with Ryan.
by the boot September 12, 2003
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One who becomes heavily intoxicated and steals whatever he can get his hands on. Once awakened in the morning, he finds himself lying atop a pile of treasure.
by Griz April 30, 2004
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A person who’s nothing but a nuisance and a disgrace to society. They’re bitter, usually shit faced and always want to steal stuff from you whether it’s physical or some sort of energy.
Billy is a bitter drunk pirate, he won’t stop making me miserable.
by Cactus Royalty November 11, 2020
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