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Pill all the major drug companies are trying to either develop/get approved to boost female libido. Pink because viagra is known as "the little blue pill". Think of all the money some company will make if they can get a drug approved.
pink pill libido little pink pill little blue pill blue pill viagra
by rightabouteverything July 26, 2010
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A set of beliefs held by femcels of the incelosphere that says that if you're unattractive, you will always remain single. Similar to the black pill.
I swallowed too many pink pills
by invert cattso August 25, 2018
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Similar to the "Red-Pill", "Pink-Pill" is all about Whitewashing reality with the touch of matriarchy (a little similar to "Red Pill" but different than "Blue Pill" and "Cyan Pill"), due to the color (which traditionally associates females) as referred to its title and especially, pink is the color found through the pigments of White people (hence pink is also close to red) when they spent much time in a very sunny area while they have not used SPF. Like color red also hence the Aussies call it as "Pommies" and the South Africans as "Rooineks", because the terms quickly describes a person of English origin because they look normally but purely "White" in contrast a number of continental European folks regards of the gender... - ialociN Nicolai/ialociN adneG
Guess who just took the "Pink-Pill" this time?

Too many cheap-ass Japanese dramas! They must go after i took one "Pink Pill!"
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