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sympathy for a pimp
Man, Bishop Don Dazzle McFlow was out at 2 AM collectin' money from his hoes

The back of his hand must be sore. We should show him some pimpathy
by Flex Maestro Sparkle September 09, 2006
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Sympathy for pimps and/or the pimpin' lifestyle.
Big Daddy Kane's dictum, "Pimpin' ain't easy," was a clarion call for pimpathy from the masses, who generally tended to focus on the more glamorous aspects of the profession.
by DigDaddyKane November 09, 2010
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When your pimp actually has sympathy for you, hence pimpathy
Darrell felt pimpathy when Donquineisha got the clap from her last customer.
by Sarah Sheff. December 31, 2008
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Pimping, or gaining girls' attention through the art of gaining sympathy.
-My dog just died, can I have your number.
-Oh of course you can
-Haha classic pimpathy
by OneLove1 April 05, 2010
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