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one who might be considered a pimp yet no one knows why, usually because they lack many things. Also, the "anzee" ending comes from the word chimp. Many pimpanzess are animals from the wildlife, hence the name. Many pimpanzees are national icons as well. They usually also like wroatches.
Woah he gets so many girls! what a pimpanzee.

I wish i could pimpanzee it like she does.
by Boolie April 23, 2006
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A person that creates the wow factor. A person that everyone wants to be or look like. Male or female they are envied because the other person is lacking in personal style, money, personality or any other reason at the time.
"Dammmmnn that shirt makes you look pimpanzee."

"I wish I could be a pimpanzee like you!"
by Marie256 December 11, 2006
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Ghetto - type mofo of a darker species, particularly an older male (aka silverback or "O.G.") who thinks of himself as some sort of "I earned myself some respect foo!" type of person, justifying to himself and others that wanted his clout by acting as pimp to a handful of trashy ugly white bitches and occasionally buying stuff that the hood doesn't want or need, paid in full with the hooker money. Usually these creatures can be most accurately described as looking like a cross between a caveman, a chimp, and a clusterfuck of bright colored and tasteless knockoff clothes
This pimpanzee is throwing a huge surprise birfday bash for that new ho, that blond they call ivory or some shit....
by jimjones, omnibeing May 27, 2017
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