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A pilly spliff is an invention that whilst not as good as the chingy spliff is still cool to do whilst at a party. This involves the use of crumbling an ecstasy tablet, AKA, an E into a joint of weed before rolling the joint. My preferred dosage of e for this is half a pill. Although I enjoy doing this, as I enjoy the taste of it, it has not been scientifically proven that it really has any efect when consumed in this method. 1 reason for this may be everytime I have done this I have already been under the influence of 1 or more pills, and the weed chills you the fuck out already whilst on that stuff so can't really tell. In fact i'd go as far as saying it is showing off!
Person 1 "Check this out i'm makin a pilly spliff!"
Person 2 "Bloody show off! Give me some."
by GF August 09, 2007
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