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Making love to a pillow. Usually involves fucking soft pillows filled with feathers. Options include greasing the pillows with Vaseline and/or making holes in a pillow using your cock equipped a metallic knob.
A:What that fucking noise!Sound like someone is fucking a goose!
B:Relax, its just that dickhead Alan pillowfucking again
by andreon7777 June 11, 2012
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the order in which two member of the same sex choke themselves while fucking forcing them both to breath from thier individual nostrals.
we are just pillow fucking together
by womnfckwomn December 30, 2012
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The act of "Pillow Fucking" can be used for pleasure in both males and females. The most common ways for men is to make a slit in the pillow (being careful not to rip the stitching of your new cut) and fill two bags of soup that is at a temperature of 96.2 degrees Fahrenheit (thus to not burn your penis but to give a pleasant feeling) and then slide your penis in between the two bags and have intercourse. A way for women (me not being a women being a problem so ai do not know the most common way) is to either plainly hump the pillow, tie a corner I to a knot to increase the hardness, or to just "stuff it in"
Johnny decided to change his nightly routine and decided to try pillow fucking.
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by jillardexmachina October 25, 2017
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