A bunch of useless,low lifes that fuck and suck everyone they can,plus each other. These people are also known as home wreckers. They do not do not give a shit who they hurt in the process. They get more turned on knowing the other person has a family at home.
That Pig Pen better stay the fuck away from my man or I will will send her to the slaughter house.
by Rhonda Rumschik January 14, 2009
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A fart that lingers on objects even when the person leaves the room.
Damn you smell that chair? That dude just pig-penned us!
by Ol watchmen February 3, 2016
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A pussy that is really nasty and fishy.
Boy 1: I Licked out Monica yesterday
Boy 2: OMG you didnt! i heard she had a right pig-pen
by RAA123 July 17, 2008
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A cloud of stink that surrounds an individual. Usually refers to extreme body odor or frangrance overdose. Reference to Charlie Brown's pal Pig Pen who always a had a swirling mass of dirt surrounding him.
"I dunno, he's cute and all, but what's up with the Pig Pen stank? it's August, take a shower for God's sake!"
by Kim K January 16, 2006
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"Yo bro you talking to anyone." - Bro
"Yeah a few, but its a pig pen." - me
by Piggycun June 9, 2022
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