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Pierdolic generally means "to fuck" in Polish language. Just like in the word "jebac", it's very easy to add various prefixes, which changes the meaning of this swear word.
- wypierdolic (to have rough sex with someone, to cheat, to fire someone from school/job)
- wypierdolic sie* (to fall to ground)
- przepierdolic (to lose, to stupidly spend money)
- zapierdolic, podpierdolic (to steal, to hit someone once)
- zapierdolic sie, napierdolic sie (to get drunk)
- napierdolic, dopierdolic, wpierdolic (to punch someone many times, very sadistically)
- przypierdolic (to hit someone once)
- przypierdolic sie (to cling annoyingly)
- upierdolic (to break off something)
- upierdolic sie (to get dirty)
- opierdolic (to shout on someone)
- opierdolic sie (to shave own head)
- popierdolic (to show no more interest to something)

There are of course many other prefixes - as you can see, pierdolic is much more rich and mighty than simply, english "to fuck". There are examples with declination below, if necessary.
* sie means "self"
Skoncz pierdolic. (Stop talking rubbish)

Szef mnie wypierdolil (The Boss fired me)
Wypierdolilem sie wczoraj (I fell yesterday).
Przepierdoliles cala wyplate (You spent your whole salary <in a short time period>)
Piotr zapierdolil kase (Piotr has stolen money)

by Phariseus December 23, 2005
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There is next meaning...
(1)Pierdolic sie with sthg : means also : to do something long and with no vissible efects. It can mean also wery heavy and hard work

With prefix:
s- (spierdolic, spierdolone) : to spoil something, something out of order
but also
(2)s- sie : fall down from sthg
(3)s- sie : visit someone unexpecively or without invitation,

do- :
(4)to tighten sth very much,
(5)to say something funny or completely without sense

(6)to leave someone/sthg alone
(7)to do some kind of job very very bad
(8)wery well dressed
(1)Skoncz sie z tym pierdolic - Finish that work, stop do it
(2)Spierdolic sie z drzewa - to fall down from the tree
(3)Goscie spierdolili mi sie wczoraj - Yesterday I had unexpectable guests
(4)Ales to dopierdolil: You Tighted it very much
(5) Ales dopierdolil: It's very funny/ It has no sense

(6)odpierdol sie ode mnie: leave me alone
(7)odpierdolil to byle jak , zrobil na odpierdal: he made it unconscientiously
(8)Ales sie odpierdolil: You are dressed very good ...
by Nikto April 11, 2007
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There's also another form of "pierdolic":

opierdalac sie - to waste time doing nothing
Another form of "pierdolic" - opierdalac sie:
"Przestan sie opierdalac!" means "Stop wasting time and do something useful (for example some work)"
by slav May 13, 2006
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