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Generally regarded as a man, although some women also enjoy it as well, who takes pride, and gets tremendous enjoyment out of orally satisfying his woman. A truly good "pie taster" has an amazing ability with his tongue, lips, and yes, even his nose, to always satisfy a woman. To the "pie taster", the sweet taste and fragrance is only beat by the woman's reaction - physically and orally (as in moaning and groaning). Pure pleasure for both people, if done properly. A true "pie taster" causes his woman and himself as well to lose track of time - the only time limit is her ability to continue...
A true "pie taster" always dreams of a true cherry pie. Regardless of that fact or dream, he is always ready to enjoy any kind of pie - except maybe a “cowpie”, but you never know about that either.
by Panchoman Jr. January 24, 2007
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n. 1. a person whose primary function in life is performing oral sex on women. 2. a member of a particlarly rude D.C. ska band known for encouraging prostitution and drunk driving.
1. That smile on Rindy's face is courtesy of Skeevo, every girl's favorite pie taster. 2. What the hell ever became of the Pietasters?
by F. Rodderick Hsu May 05, 2005
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