A croatian word literally meaning a woman’s private parts
Can also mean when someone is being a pussy
I heard Marko didnt show up for your date
Yeah cuz he’s a picka
by Epicureanhoe April 17, 2020
Picka is a game that you can find on the AppStore! It’s a dating game :)
“Have you played Picka? It’s such a fun game!”
by Kaezea1 July 31, 2022
Picka is a Macedonian word that is used for calling somebody a pussy
"Picka enda!"
"You pussy!"
by 732783784985934590097859785604 December 13, 2019
"Kaka PICKA" the most commonly used betwen two male friends, and one of them wants to express that girl is sexy, but it is impolite to use this expression in front of girl.
The most accurate translation of "kaka picka" is "What a bitch!"
"Stari glej KAKA PICKA pride!"

translation : " Old fellow (modern expression for friend used betwen young people") look what a good bitch is coming towards!"
by Mitja Rek October 7, 2004
phrase used to refer to something bad someone did subtly, as in if a person asks what someone did, the response would be picka pocka
what did he do to that girl!?" "picka pocka
by bentley1992 October 21, 2010
From Serb-Croatian meaning "your mother's vagina" but said as "fuck you" meaning go back to where you came from.
Anita: You're an ugly bitch.

Dina: Picka ti materina!
by tralalalalla May 7, 2009
In saying that there is no way in hell someone is correct about what they are saying.
(a man says) "Yea I'm richer then Opra" "Picka poka please, no way in hell you are richer"
by Newc March 19, 2005