A word used by dirty old perverts in rain coats upon looking at a female who is considerably younger and more attractive than them.
Old Pervert: "Phwoar, look at the jugs on that!"
Young Girl: "Back off, I have mace."
by ReinWeissritter April 12, 2008
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A word that is unpronounceable and has no meaning. A word used by lazy no good ignorant fucks who think it's cool to fuck the language up.
Guy 1: Hey dude that chick is so phwoar!
Guy 2: What?
Guy 1: Phwoar I said!
Guy 2: Fu-whoa-er?
Guy 1: No!
Guy 2: Spell it!
Guy 1: I can't.
Guy 2: You ignorant fuck! Go back to school you ass muncher.
by yourassisgrassMoFO February 25, 2009
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Noun: Attractive single female poker player.

Origin: Abbreviation of Poker Honey WithOut A Ring

Originated in bricks and mortar casinos to describe any unaccompanied female poker player. Now used in online poker rooms to describe any female (or believed female) player.

Usually based on the avatar/picture the player has chosen to display or a suggestive online name (i.e. Bubbasbestbabe). Online usage often capitalised.
I was at the tables earlier and this smoking hot Phwoar sat down next to me.
by Tenrex March 04, 2009
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An exclamation uttered when a person encounters a near miss.
Phwoar! I nearly back-ended that Ferrari!
by Shazza October 22, 2001
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the act of moving your falcid belly into six pack abs at the site of a hottie.
then Britney spears walked by and he totally phwoared it till she blew by.
by Dwardo January 11, 2005
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