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Noun: Attractive single female poker player.

Origin: Abbreviation of Poker Honey WithOut A Ring

Originated in bricks and mortar casinos to describe any unaccompanied female poker player. Now used in online poker rooms to describe any female (or believed female) player.

Usually based on the avatar/picture the player has chosen to display or a suggestive online name (i.e. Bubbasbestbabe). Online usage often capitalised.
I was at the tables earlier and this smoking hot Phwoar sat down next to me.
by Tenrex March 4, 2009
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Expression of delight or joy, often at unexpectedly good turn of events.

Written form often capitalised. Origin believed to be corruption/mistype of Yay. YSY is to "Yay" what teh is to "the".
YSY I won $500 playing on-line poker last night.
by Tenrex January 10, 2009
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