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An irrational fear of answering the phone. The fear arises from anxieties as to whom may be calling (a former spouse, a spurned lover, a tax collector or other creditor, an enraged garage mechanic, a parent) - why they may be calling (to give the callee a very hard time, belittle them, issue threats) - and the psychology of the conversation (false promises leading to humiliation, being made to look a pratt). In extreme cases someone who is phonephobic may hide in the house as the phone rings, desperately trying to ignore it, while plagued by remote telephonic demons.
She was so phonephobic that none of her family, loved ones or friends could ring her in the house. Often a worried caller would rush around to her house to see if she was OK, only to find her hiding in the hall cupboard.
by Jimmy Mulligan February 01, 2011
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