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A phlegmatic person, particularity a dude, whose is easy going, witty, dependable, efficient, but alternatively apathetic, selfish, predictable, stubborn( not to be confused with the choleric trait of strong willed) etc.This temperament theory is mostly inspired by Tim. Lahaye, the founder and non-wannabe of the theory within his harmonious blend of psychology and Christianity. Their most common lifestyle is a 9 to 5 job, and coming home to playing mainstream video games. They hate extremes, and tend to dislike institutionalized education, and don't finish college, but may maintain good work history, with some years for each job, usually with okay to relatively comfortably livable wages. Upbringing doesnt seem to effect a phlegster too much, quite unlike one very fronted by Sanguine or Melancholy. They tend to put off emotions and not ever having a gf even by age 30, won't make them break down, unlike for example a male who is a MelSangChlor, who strick to ppl like glue. A phlegmatic girl, aren't as dramatic and as proned to be a gossip, as Phlegmatic and Choleric r a more masculine wheel.
Sanguine girl: You kinda seem downcast when u break into silence. Phlegster dude: Naw, I can just appreciate silence in a world that always seem to be talking.
by Jay Leo October 25, 2015
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