Chinese American actress, known for Hamilton, playing Eliza.
Is sweeter than a cinnamon roll.
by Worldmayneverknow July 20, 2017
Phillipa Soo (More commonly known as Pippa or Pips) is a goddess. She is stunning, perfect and most of all, a cinnamon roll.

She was given the name 'Cinnamon Roll' during a digital Ham4Ham where she sang a beautiful Aria from Copland with co-star, Lin-Manuel Miranda, and Alex Lacamoire when Lin deemed her a 'Cinnamon Roll'.

Lin, "In the words of the kids they are precious cinnamon rolls too good for this world. Please sing this"
Pippa, "What?!"
Lin, "It's a thing the kids say."
Pippa, "Aww that's cute!"
Lin, "Sing ya cinnamon rolls!"
She is also commonly known for her emoji faces, more commonly known as 'Pipmojis' a name given to her emoji faces after sending a picture to Lin-Manuel Miranda and him giving her that name when he posted to Twitter.
Some people question the relationship between Lin-Manuel Miranda and Pippa, as they starred in Lin's musical, Hamilton together, with many Tweets that people claim to be flirtatious. They even have a ship name called 'Lippa'
Me, "Do you know Phillipa Soo? Living goddess, best actress to act on Broadway, cInNaMoN rOlL!?"
Friend "No idea..."

Me, "Look her up. She's perfect. Her favourite ice cream flavour is butter pecan!"
by Daniela & Carla from the salon November 15, 2018
a day celebrating the greatest soul to ever live on may 31st. celebrating an earth angel who was born on this day
it’s national phillipa soo day!
by shoreeeeee September 14, 2021