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A legendary drink originate in BO1. When you drink it you instantly get invincibility to explosives, and fall damage. Plus you can dolphin dive and do splash damage. Sadly Trollarch doesn't like giving us PHD flopper. And, it is limited to few maps and in others is a permaperk.
Player 1-Hey bro let's get PHD flopper

Player 2-Are you retarded? That's not even in this map Treyarc doesn't add it to maps ever.
by Long McSchlong December 22, 2016
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A perk in CoD zombies, black ops 1 and 2 to be more precise, that not only REMOVED all splash damage and explosive damage you receive, but it also makes the zombies explode when you dolphin dive near them! You may take some fall damage, but it’s a great perk!
PhD Flopper appeared on Ascension, Shangri-La, Call of The Dead, Moon, Buried, and Origins. This perk was great for only 2000 points! That’s less than Jugger-Nog!

Sadly, from Black ops 3 and so on, the games were now running on the slide mechanics, therefore PhD Flopper was removed from the franchise, and replaced with Widow’s Wine. There WAS a perk called PhD Slider, but it was just meh.

Dempsey: *ingests PhD Flopper* AHHHHHHHHHHHHH MORE SHIT TO KILL WITH!!!!!!
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by Fagimus April 26, 2021
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